CMF Bank S.A. assumes the importance for the Financial Entities represents the adoption of a Corporate Governance Code that guides the structure and operation of its Management in the interest of the Company, its shareholders, depositors, customers, employees and the general public. That is why CMF Bank SA has developed a Corporate Governance Code, which aims to progressively improve the overall discipline of the Entity’s management and its risks, ensuring full compliance with the legal provisions in force.

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Ethical Code

There is no stable, organized and future society whose bases are not given by ethical and moral principles which are in adherence to the laws for its growth as such. The CMF Bank Board, which is consistent with these premises, sets out the minimum standards that must be applied to the businesses and different activities which are carried out in the area in which its employees and managers work.

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Risk management

CMF Bank S.A. assumes a global strategy for risk management which is appropriate to its specific and particular business structure. The main risks have a strategy and policies particularly defined by the Board of Directors.

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Exposure to Related Parties

In accordance with the requirements of communication “A” 7404 of the “Banco Central de la República Argentina”, the exposure to related parties is indicated in the report below.

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