About CMF Bank S.A.

We started our operation in 1978 as a Financial Company and become a Bank in 1996; we have managed to position as a supplier of specialized financial products and services with high added value.

We are recognized as a highly qualified, effective professional organization focused on achieving customer’s needs and detecting business opportunities for our clients in terms of financing, investments, foreign trade and advising.

Our subsidiaries are Eurobanco Bank Ltd., Metrocorp Valores S.A. and CMF Asset Management S.A.U., which make it possible to expand the services offered and the coverage of customer service

The credit ratings issued by National and International Agencies, the credit lines granted by International and National Organizations, as well as the knowledge and relationship with our clients, encourage us to professional leadership.

Board of Directors

José Alberto Benegas Lynch

Miguel Tiphaine

Ricardo Orgoroso

Alberto Llambí Campbell


Roberto Mauricio Martín
External Accountant

María Celeste Dacunto
External Accountant

Gabriel Horacio Gambacorta
External Accountant

Nora Noemí Ghirardi
Substitute Accountant


Roxana Mariel Tzal
Substitute Accountant

Andrea Barros
Substitute Accountant

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