Its main benefits are:

  • Simplification: The issuance, endorsement, negotiation and circulation of ECHEQ are simple and fast.
  • Unlimited endorsements: This product has no endorsement limits.
  • Savings in operational costs: There is no waste of time in bank’s branches looking for checkbooks or dealing with physical check’s errors or omissions, among other examples.
  • Safety: Avoid physical check’s loss, theft or counterfeiting.
  • Reduction of reasons for rejection: When checks are digitally generated, mistakes are minimized or rectified before issuance.


Preguntas Frecuentes

What are the main characteristics of Banco CMF’s ECHEQ?

  • Currency of the ECHEQ: Argentine Pesos (ARS).
  • Operational Channels: CMF’s Homebanking.
  • Availability: 24x7x365.
  • Compensation and accreditation term: 48hs.
  • Available types:
    • Checks per day and deferred payment checks.
    • Payable and non-payable checks to third parties.

What information do I need to know in order to complete and issue a Banco CMF ECHEQ?

  • To have an operative checking account.
  • To have access to CMF’s Homebanking and SFA (Second Factor of Authentication).
  • To have an electronic checkbook enabled.
  • To have a smartphone to install the soft token app.

How do I know about an ECHEQ issued in my favor?

  • Accessing CMF’s Homebanking, and once logged in, in the “to-do” menu

If I accept an ECHEQ in another bank, can I deposit it in Banco CMF?

  • Yes, you can.

What to do when receiving an ECHEQ in CMF’s Homebanking?

  • Accept / Reject the ECHEQ in CMF’s Homebanking, following these steps: Operate >> Checks >> Electronic Checks >> Consult.
  • Deposit it in your account every day 24 hours. (The cut-off time for camera entry is at 4:30 pm, after that time it will be taken the next business day).
  • Endorse it (every day 24 hours).
  • Send it to custody (every day 24 hours).
  • Negotiate it (through your business officer).

How do I know if an ECHEQ was paid or rejected?

  • You can check it against your account statement, in the same way you do with all check.
  • Can I cancel an ECHEQ in CMF’s Homebanking if it has already been accepted by the beneficiary?

    • No, you can’t do. What you can do is to request the ECHEQUE refund through the CMF´s Homebanking, which will be put on hold until the beneficiary’s acceptance or rejection.

    What does the repudiation of an ECHEQ imply through Banco CMF’s Homebanking BEE?

    • To repudiate an ECHEQ is not to accept it once it has been issued. After that, the ECHEQ returns to the previous stage (active).
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