Available functionalities in CMF Home Banking

You will find below a list of available consults and transactions in our Home Banking. Besides that, you will be able to consult and download user guides of the available functionalities, to effectively manage your financial transactions and the financial transactions of your Company.

General Operations

Account Balance
The  amount  of  money  in  an  account  at  the  start  of  the  business  day.

Account Activity
Summary  of  financial  transactions  which  have  occurred  over  a  given  period  on  an  account.

Account Statement
Statement  of  all  the  transactions  that  occur  on  your  account  during  a  statement  cycle.

Balance Consolidation
Net credit or net debit balance on groups of product to determine your overall net position within the bank.

CBU Query
Information  of  account’s  CBU  and  ALIAS.

Power of Attorney
Information about power of attorney given to operate the accounts in this platform.

Registered Payees
Add,   enable   and   remove   payees   to   Online   Banking   account.

Instant Money Transfer
Instant   electronic   fund   transfers   among   bank   accounts.            .

Automatic Funds Transfer
An arrangement  that  automatically  moves  funds  from  your  account  to another on a  date you choose

Account Statement Request
Online  request to access  recurring account  statements from  this  platform.

Loans Information
Detailed   information   regarding   current   loans   of   the   customer.


Payment Requests
Instruction to process payment or series of payments to a third party.

AFIP Payments
VEP’s payments, generated by the Company or a third party.

DEBIN Payments
Debit orders via COELSA that request being accepted by the receiver.

Bill Payments
Taxes’ and services’ bills payments 24x7x365.                                            .

Payments Information
Detailed information about every class of payments in every processing status.


Checkbook Request
It allows clients to online create and send to the Bank the checkbook request, indicating type and amount of checkbooks.

Issuance of Electronic Checks
CMF’s clients can issue checks digitally, throughout this 100% digital product.

Negotiation of Electronic Checks 
CMF’s clients can negotiate checks, throughout this 100% digital product.

Checks Information
Information about checks operated, discounted or safekept by CMF.

Custody and Deposit of Electronic Checks
CMF’s clients can deposit or put into digital custody checks, throughout this 100% digital product.

Term Deposits

Term Deposit Opening
Opening of term deposit investment, with the terms and conditions available for Online Banking.

Term Deposit Features
Information regarding interest rates, terms and investment amount limits.

Term Desposit Information
Status of current term deposits, plus terms and conditions available for Online Banking.

General Services

AFIP Services
Online access to AFIP Portal.

Account management

Second-Factor Authentication Management
Token request and enablement in smartphones, to allow funds transferring.

User ID and Password Change
Menu options allowing ID user and Password change. It can also be done in the login screen.

User ID and Passwod Reset Requests
Attorney’s Inbox that contains operative users’ requests to reset User ID and/or Passwords.

User Information Management
User information (such as, mobile phone number, mobile phone company, e-mail address, etc.) that can be modified / edited.